Why Choose A Gravel Bike And What to Wear on a Gravel Ride

Women's Gravel Bike Apparel

If you were like me you might be a little skeptical about gravel bikes.  Why not just mountain bike or road ride?  But the roads today have become busier and drivers more distracted.  Many of my road bike friends were on me to try gravel. So I thought I would go ahead and try out a gravel bike.  After one ride I was hooked.  It was like having the best of 2 worlds. The free feeling of being out in the middle of woods and the flow of a road bike.  But without the worry of cars!  Yes there were a few but not nearly like road riding.  

So now that I am hooked the next thing is what to wear.  A lot of people were wearing road bike gear. But that doesn’t seem right for the woods and wild.  And mountain bike shorts didn’t fit either. Just like the gravel bike blends the best of both worlds, so should your gravel kit.   That is what Moxie Cycling had in mind when we designed the all new Steezy Stretch Shorts.  Road bike serious on top mountain bike party on the bottom.  Bonus, a large zipper pocket!

Women's Gravel Clothes

The Steezy Stretch shorts fit like a road bike on the top half.  Equipped with a full Italian chamois.  We went with a slightly more cushiony chamois which you will love on the bumpy gravel. And the bottom half of the shorts fit like mountain bike shorts. They loosen up around the lower quads. The 11 inch inseam is the perfect length. These shorts are excellent for mountain biking as well.  No longer do you need to wear two pairs of shorts.  Much lighter and less bulky.  So freeing! And completely made from recycled materials. 

Moxie Tee Jerseys for Gravel Bikes

But what about a gravel bike top?  A women’s bike jersey for gravel riding. The newly updated Moxie Tee is the absolute perfect match. We updated the Moxie Tee with high tech performance fabric and lighter weight fit.  The 2 pockets are perfect for your phone and snacks. Now available in short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodie


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