Sedona in the Spring

Sedona in the Spring

What an amazing way to start the mountain bike season!  The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival

The Sedona Mountain Bike Festival 2024 did not disappoint!  After a chilly 2023 everyone was a little iffy about what the weather might be like this year.  But no worries, the weather and the trails were stellar!

Sedona Mountain Bike Festival 2024

All Gender G-Form Trail Collection 2024

The Sedona Festival signals the start of the new mountain bike season.  This epic mountain bike venue is the perfect place for it too.  With trails from beginner to expert and spectacular views throughout Sedona is one of the best mountain bike destinations in the country.  The mountain bike festival is jam packed with events and rides throughout the 3 day event.  And the expo experience is epic.  Most of the biggest bike and bike gear companies are there to demo bikes and display their 2024 collections.  Including Moxie Cycling Company!!!  We were super pumped to meet some new mountain bike peeps and show off our new 2024 collections.

Starting with the All Gender Collection that includes hoodies, jerseys and G-Form Integrated Trail Pants.  Bikers were checking out the integrated G-Form Pro-X2 knee and elbow pads that fit seamlessly into our new All Gender Styles. New Moxie Tee jerseys, spinner shorts and coming soon steezy stretch is back!!

Moxie Tee Jersey

Sedona Mtb Fest was awesome and we are looking forward to a super 2024 season.  


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