Cycling For All

Cycling For All

The Story Behind CYCLING FOR ALL 

Why Moxie Cycling, a  “women’s line” is adding an All Gender Collection

Bye Bye Binary

Cycling apparel  companies have traditionally split men and women’s styles resulting in binary gender clothing as the only option.  Moxie Cycling Company has been  known for designing unique cycling apparel for a women's body and we will continue to have a female cut in many of our collections.  However we are no longer going to exclude genders.  Our new collection is cut for a more broader audience. The silhouettes are designed with a looser, more boxy fit allowing for anyone who likes the style, fit and prints to enjoy a comfortable ride.  The G-Form Collection is also expanding to include everyone.  Our new Trail Pants and Drop In Jersey have a unisex cut and the Drop-in pads are adjustable for to fit exactly where you need them.

Unisex Cycling Jersey

Moxie Cycling’s goal of generating more women on bikes has expanded to more people on bikes, whatever your gender.  President Heidi Yakowski stated “Our desire to be more inclusive means we need to expand our line to include more.”   By adding a gender neutral Collection the goal is bring more people into the sport of cycling.   Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes helps you feel more comfortable and confident when you're riding.  


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